the man who sold the world
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And in that moment, I swear, I couldn’t tell if Matty Healy was Jesus or not. -Me at the 1975 concert (via automaticallyassume)

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It was 1992 and Jump Ramp School in San Diego was the hot spot. @willysantos bs late shuvs the hip. Photos: Brittain #willysantos #jumprampschool #skatelegends #skateboarding #hips #sandiegoskateboarding #lateshoveit #birdhouseskateboards #theskateboardmag @theskateboardmag #grantbrittain

Pearl Jam “TEN” album advertisement   
"…On August 27th, Pearl Jam’s debut album ‘TEN’ was released. No one could have predicted at the time that “Ten,” recorded at Seattle’s London Bridge Studios with producer Rick Parashar, would become one of the top-selling albums a few months later, turning Pearl Jam into an international phenomenon. By the late ’90s, “Ten” had sold more than 11 million copies. Seattle local Lance Mercer, who would become Pearl Jam’s primary photographer, was the lensman Jeff chose to shoot the band in the all-for-one, one-for-all (E pluribus Unum) pose that was used on the ‘TEN’ cover. Two days later Pearl Jam played a show at the RKCNDY in Seattle with Eddie climbing the scaffolding and then falling into the crowd. On ‘Alive’ Mike played the end atop Eddie’s shoulders.”

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